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by anonymous

I have a RUT240 (RUT2_R_00.07.02.7) and a working OpenVPN connection (RUT240 openvpn connection with role client):

computer on network1 <-> openvpn over internet <-> rut240 WAN interface <-> LAN interface <-> Computer with IP, for example,

I try to connect from network1 to the open port 80 on The OpenVPN have an own IP, for example 10.11.12.xx, the points to

I try to connect from network1 to the I can ping and access the IP of the RUT240, the but not the

Any ideas why?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


It is not quite clear, which side is the server, which is the client.

In case RUT240 acts as a server, to reach the OpenVPN server's private network from the network1 (client's) side, you would need an additional Push option in server's configuration, to provide with the necessary routes to RUT's LAN, similar to the one below:

  •  route <network1_LAN_IP>

Otherwise, you would need to configure TLS client in the server's configuration, if RUT240 is configured as a client.

You can also check the wiki instructions, provided here.

If the above suggestions do not help, I would like you to attach a troubleshoot file to your question, to review your configuration. Please, replicate the issue, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there.  

Best regards,

by anonymous

thank you for your answer. I have update my first posting (OpenVPN have the role client) and upload the troubleshoot-file. I hope there are no critical informations in the file.
by anonymous
Does the computer/service behind RUT240 on port 80 know that it has a VPN IP of, let's say, as you have described, or the VPN is configured as site to site and devices behind RUT are not aware of VPN existence at all?

Are you able to ping RUT240 from server over it's LAN IP or vice versa?

Would it be possible to get connections logs and configuration file of the server?