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by anonymous
Hi everyone, I am trying to understand the manual for configuring my RUTX10 to run my own internal DNS server for all devices on my internal network, in order to be able to use a internal service.

However, I obvioulsy fail to understand it since I do not manage to set up the DNS so it works.

I want all DNS requests on my LAN go to the Raspberry Pi, no exceptions. Is that even possible and how should I proceed to make it work?

I have followed the instructions given in related questions but I cannot see if it works or not, when running ifconfig /all on my PC the DNS is always but my Raspberry Pi has a static address of

1 Answer

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by anonymous


It should be enough to setup custom DNS server entries at the LAN interface configuration & custom DNS servers for DHCP service. All of this can be done via WebUI, at Network > Interfaces > [Edit LAN interface]:

  1. To add custom DNS servers for the router interface itself, simply enter your DNS server IP address into the "DNS servers" field. This will ensure that your router's LAN interface uses only the specified DNS server. 


  1. To edit DHCP server section, in the LAN interface configuration, navigate to Advanced Settings > DHCP-Options

Here, choose to use DHCP option 6, and then enter custom DNS servers that you would like to push out to your end-devices, in this case. This will ensure that your end-devices receive the desired DNS server. 


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