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by anonymous
I have an application where my router will often change its position sometimes sometimes far away from the transmitter, sometimes very close or even below it.
Basing on the document: I know that for long range I need higher gain with more directional coverage, while for shorter distances lower gain will be better.
I have read some posts on the forum about using various antennas but the answers were ambiguous. Some of them say that AUX is used only for repetition and adding different antennas won't help much while the others recommend to do so. I would be very grateful for clarification if usage 2 antennas: 1 high gain and 1 low gain will help in this case. If no is there any other solution?
Regards Konrad

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by anonymous


Information about antenna assignment probably comes from this page. Basically, most of Teltonika routers work as MISO systems, meaning that there are two receiving channels and a single transmitter.  

Using two antennas with different gains will not necessarily provide better connection quality. Since both connectors serve different purposes, it is suggested to use MAIN connector with the antenna best suited for the environment: directional high-gain antenna, when router is far from the transmitter, and low-gain omnidirectional antenna, when transmitter is nearby.

If changing antennas is an issue, it is better to to have both connectors with omnidirectional antennas, as directional one requires alignment to a base tower and is preferred for stationary use cases. 

These are general guide lines, however, if possible, it is highly recommended to test different setups in field, as radio signal distribution might be very uneven in various places and some results may not be intuitive.

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