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by anonymous

how do i schedule the event reporting to run every e.g. hour or day?

my main goal is that my rut955 sends its device information to my own cloud server via sms. unfortunately i am not impressed with the rms.

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by anonymous


Thank you for reaching out!

I believe it would be possible to simplify the process, by sending the data directly to your collection server using the Data To Server service.

To achieve this, the router could be set as a Modbus Slave and then use MQTT to send the requested data to your server directly. Configuration example can be found here.

Another way to monitor the router directly could be to use JSON-RPC. This would work by sending the POST requests to the router and receiving a response. Configuration example can be found here.

If alerts are the most important aspect of this data, then the router could be set up as a Modbus Slave, and Modbus Master could be configured to monitor the router. In the alerts configuration, Modbus alerts can be configured to send an SMS if some parameter is not right. The configuration will be very similar to this example, except Modbus Slave will be the same device, so the IP address for the Slave device (in this example) would be

Hope this helps! Let me know if any more help is needed.

Best regards,