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by anonymous
Having various problems using the EC25-V on a RUT955, but running _official_ openwrt, I need to ask: Does anybody have some feedback about stability of the EC25-V running on a Teltonika router ?

This is just for comparison, whether our problems might be specific to _official_ openwrt or not.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Since Teltonika devices are primarily designed to operate with RutOS, it would be interesting to have your feedback, troubleshoot files, if you are experiencing issues with RutOS, as modem operation should be more or less stable.

Otherwise, if your issues are specific to OpenWRT, I would suggest to check if they are not solved with subsequent modem module firmware updates or contact Quectel for support.

Best regards,
by anonymous
.. as modem operation should be more or less stable ... does not sound good enough for commercial operations. It would be very helpful, to get feedback from real users of RutOS, using the EC25-V, in QMI mode. Otherwise, we might be forced to swap the standard EC25-V of the RU955 to "the" modem for Verizon, the MC7455 from Sierra. Quectel support is not very helpful, because they mainly deal with _their_ driver and _their_ connection manager, which is not part of openwrt. Do you use the quectel driver, and their connection manager to handle the QMI ?
by anonymous

What I meant is that there always are edge cases, where something might not work, but this is exactly, what support is for. 

Otherwise, there are no known reproducible issues with the aforementioned modem, or issues registered to the RnD to be aware of at the moment.

As for connection management, Teltonika devices do not use Quectel modem connection manager quectel-CM, instead qmi_wwan and uqmi drivers are used to handle data connection.