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by anonymous
Hi, I have a RUT955 with the latest firmware which keeps disconnecting and reconnecting from the 4G network. I have attached the troubleshoot file from the modem. Is it possible to let me know what could be the problem?

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by anonymous


It seems like the troubleshoot file was not attached. Please generate it only once the issue replicates (mobile data disconnects).

I also have a few questions regarding this issue:

  • How long does the mobile data stay disconnected before reconnecting?
  • Does your mobile IP change every time that happens?
  • Did this start happening after an update to RUT9_R_00.07.03 was done?

Awaiting your response!

Best regards,

by anonymous

Hi Daumantas,

Troubleshoot file has now been attached. 

  • It varies, but the last time I could access the modem GUI via HTTP for about 10 seconds before it disconnects and then reconnects.  
  • The IP does not change every time although we have a dynamic IP address. Goes back to the same IP address. Seems like the RUT955 is not rebooting, only the internal modem.
  • Has happened since being installed onsite. Has been happening through multiple firmware versions. 
by anonymous

Thank you for the information!

In the logs, I can see that the internal modem is constantly detaching and re-attaching, so the device will most likely have to be RMA'd.

But before that, I'd like you to perform a modem update, as there are newer versions available. To update the modem, please follow the procedure described here. Please keep in mind, that a stable external WAN source will be necessary for this procedure. It is recommended to perform this procedure using firmware version RUT9_R_00.07.02.7.

Let me know if the update helps!

Best regards,