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by anonymous

My PLC Web Server can be accessed through TRB, and I was able to forward it locally using LAN.

However, it does not function when RMS OpenVpn is used with port forwarding.

Despite using several configurations, I am unable to access the PLC web server using the RMS server's IP.

Here is the most recent setup.

Does the openvpn server need to have port 80 open?

Thank you.

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by anonymous



Thank you for reaching out!

Could you clarify, what is zone "TRB" assigned to? It does not seem to provide any function here. By default, the firewall has only two zones - lan and wan. RMS VPN will create a third one, and most of the settings can be controlled via the RMS itself.

To enable LAN forwarding, log into RMS, navigate to RMS VPN → VPN HUBS → Open your created hub → Routes tab  On the TRB device in question, there should be a LAN toggle. Enable it. This will automatically create a rule so that all of the LAN devices can be reached.

If the firewall settings were changed a lot, this function might not function properly, so I'd recommend updating to the latest firmware version and updating without the "Keep settings" option enabled.


Let me know if there are any further questions!

Best regards,

Best answer
by anonymous
Thank you for your response,

but I already did that. As I can forward my PLC web server via LAN. So the LAN zone works properly.

As you can see in the pictures I have The rms_ExAxQ5y automatically generated when i created a VPN HUB.

Is that the VPN zone ?

I've checked the opened ports

PLC Web server : 80 443

TRB : 80 443 22 ...

but I don't have those ports 80 443 opened in the VPN IP.

The important question to me I can't reach the IP of the VPN which I made it static.

I wanna ask about the ports that I can use in the open VPN ? To see if I have data sent.

Cause in the configuration I have The server IP and only one port.

Could I have a good informations about the OPENVPN side.Or how to configure it with the TRB140.

And thank you so much.
by anonymous



  • Is that the VPN zone?
    • Correct, this is the zone generated by RMS. Settings in it should automatically change when changed in RMS;
As for the remaining configuration, I'd recommend checking out this video.

I'd also ask you to generate a troubleshoot file. This can be done by navigating to System → Administration → Troubleshoot. The file can be attached to the original post or sent to me via a private message. Files attached to the post will only be visible to Teltonika moderators.


Best regards,