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by anonymous
Dear Support,

we have often the problem with HTTPS Remote Access.

We generate the secure link sucessfully but the connection isn't working. we have to generate a new secure link again and it is working. This happen often 3 of 5 connection are working only seconde try.

BR, Tifoso

1 Answer

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by anonymous



I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues!

There are a few factors, that could cause this to happen:

  • Unstable connection to the device;
  • Multiple users using the same URL at the same time;

When this issue appears, what is the behavior of the reconnect button?

Are you experiencing issues with any other RMS service(RMS VPN Hubs, RMS Connect)?

Did this issue start occurring recently or was it behaving like this for a longer period of time?


Best regards,

by anonymous
Reconnect don't help. We have to generate the secure link again.
It happen to different locations and different devices. For me it seems to happen random.

The problems exist since we starting to use RMS from Teltonika.
by anonymous

Does this also happen when using a different ISP to access the remote links?

Are the end devices all using the same operator?

Could you try clearing the cache of the browser in use?

What models of devices are in use? Are they all connected via 4G LTE?

Best regards,