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by anonymous
Just sharing a handy command that I use to find the default wifi password of a RUT955 (firmware 7.xx.xx) when I am unable to physically access the device to read the sticker (eg because it is up a mast) but need to do a factory reset. The default wifi password is stored in plain text in the config partition starting at offset 0x90, so it's a simple matter of reading that bit of memory and then piping it through strings:

dd if=/dev/mtdblock1 bs=1 skip=144 count=16 2>/dev/null | strings
by anonymous
This doesn't work for me on the latest firmware, returns null.

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by anonymous


Thank you for sharing.

You can also SSH into your device and use the following command:

  • cat /etc/config/wireless | grep key 

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thanks, but that command only works if you haven't changed the wifi password away from the factory default. In my case I have a non-default wifi password, but need to be able to do a clean firmware upgrade while being able to connect to the wifi afterwards.