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by anonymous
I use the RUTX11 on a boat. When the boat's electric system switches from shore power to battery power, there is a slight/short power dip that causes the RUTX11 to go offline, and shortly after (a few seconds) to startup again. For future hardware design perhaps a small power buffer can be added to the device so it a) does not die immediately and b) could be configured to send out an SMS?

Ideally the buffer would keep the device eg 30secs alive, and a user could set an SMS trigger (or not) to send SMS if the power isnt back after 15secs or so.

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by anonymous


Thank you for your suggestion.

Unfortunately, hardware changes are unlikely, without creating a new product and new products development is mostly driven by market demand.

As an intermediate solution, I would suggest to take a look at BAT120 device for uninterrupted device operation. For more details, please refer here

There is also a configuration example you can view here, on how to configure router to inform you on power supply switch events.

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