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by anonymous

I have a random but regular failing behavior with the latest routers RUT955 (Firmware 6.02)

Description of the issue:

The GPS starts correctly 

  • gpsctl ok
  • data can be seen on /dev/gps
  • data are sent to my server (AVL protocol)

But a few time per day, without any particular pattern I could see, the router stops sending its AVL data.


The issue occurs on the 2 latest unit we have deployed (routers ordered in April)

  • gpsctl still returns proper coordinates with a correct number of sattelites (i.e > 3)
  • sneakpeak on /dev/gps displays coordinates every seconds normally

BUT, the server waiting for the data has a socket timeout exception (I have set 1 minute to be safe)


  1. Going to the status > services page on the webadmin
  2. Restarting the GPS service (the line does not display correctly the GPS status by the way: it always appear as disabled, eventhough it is actually enabled and running)

Expected behavior:

  • data is sent to the AVL server without the need to restart the GPS service

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Can you please provide a Troubleshoot file for analysis?

  • You can download the Troubleshoot file from the router's WebUI, System → Administration → Troubleshoot page.
  • Please make sure that you reproduce the issue before downloading the Troubleshoot file. i.e., make sure that you download the file after GPS stops sending data to the AVL server or after you restart the GPS service. (But do not restart the router. Otherwise I won't be able to see the issue in the logs.)
  • Keep in mind that the Troubleshoot file contains your router's configuration. Therefore, it is recommended that you remove any confidential information from your configs (like email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) Certificate and password information is not visible, so there's no need to remove that.
by anonymous


Please find the troubleshooting file attached

  • I just had the issue once again, around 14:55 local time (UTC+2)
  • I have restarted the GPS service around 15:05

by anonymous
Thanks for the Troubleshoot file. The source of the issue was not apparent in the logs, but we were able to reproduce it with tests. RnD is making a fix as we speak. I'll give you the download link to it as soon as it becomes available.
by anonymous
Thanks a lot ! Glad to hear that you could reproduce !
by anonymous

Okay, the fix available now. Click here to download it.

However, please keep in mind that this is a test firmware. It's not an official release, so it hasn't been fully tested. So I recommend using it only for your tests. The fix should be available in the next RUT9xx firmware release and uploaded here.

by anonymous
Since the units are on production, at the client's, I'd rather wait for the official release. Do you have a target date for the next release ?
by anonymous
Not anything specific, but new releases come out about once a month. There are some exceptions in special cases, but I would expect the next release to come out sometime in June.
I found a similar problem with RUT955, the same firmware 06.02 (the latest), but the issue is with NMEA forwarding.

I'm forwarding NMEA sentences over UDP to a localhost port, at which my application is listening.

It works for some time when gpsd is restarted, but after around ~1 h the forwarding stops for some or all sentences.

Does this fix which you posted affect NMEA forwarding, too?

Another issue: When enabling NTP GPS synchronization, gpsd seems to fail totally. Running gpsd -d shows an error, unable to read uci enabled flag or something like that. Maybe the config is not written correctly when GPS time sync is enabled?

Also, even when it's working I'm regularly seeing some error lines when running gpsd -d: Reading failed, lost xx bytes