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by anonymous
I've followed your video to connect remotely to a PLC but in last step when I download the VPN config I can't connect.

update :

Blue screen when i connect.
Thank you.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Could you please elaborate? What happens when you try to connect? Are you getting a blue screen on your windows PC when trying to connect to the PLC via OpenVPN client? This would be a windows related problem. I recommend you try updating your windows drivers.

You are using RMS VPN Hub, correct? You can also try to delete the hub, create and configure a new one, and download new ovpn configuration file.

Are you able to connect to your PLC in other ways? Directly? RMS connect -> remote HTTP(S)?

Kind Regards,

Best answer
by anonymous
Hello, thank you for your reply,

My windwos is updated also i've tried with another PC i've received the same problem.

Yes I can acces my PLC via remote HTTP(s).

But I need to do it via VPN.

Best Regards.
by anonymous


There can be plenty of reasons why Windows crashes, including malware, corrupted files, drivers, and much more. You can try the following:

  •  Recreate a new OpenVPN Hub and get a new ovpn configuration file.
  •  Check the error message on the blue screen.
  •  Check VPN configuration on the PC.
  •  Reinstall the VPN client.
  •  Check internet connection.
  •  Scan your PCs for Malware.

Since it is windows related, it is hard to say what is causing this issue.

Kind Regards,