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by anonymous


Rut 950 - Firmware version RUT9_R_00.07.03

After running factory reset a error message persist : "failed to load modems status".

This trouble is previously always there (before update to last new fimware and factory reset)

French carte SIM - SFR operator

attached file : troubleshoot

Can you help me ? Thanks, Best Regards

1 Answer

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by anonymous


The issue is not related to the operator, but rather to failing hardware. The logs show that modem is constantly disconnecting.

I would suggest to simply return the device to your reseller for a replacement or warranty repair.

Other than that, you can try to perform modem module firmware update. However, for that you will need an alternative WAN source, either wired or wireless, SSH access to the device and to downgrade your router to 7.2.7 firmware. For instructions refer to this thread. Be aware that your modem ID is 1-1 and modem firmware version will also differ.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thank you for your welcome, clear and precise answer. I try all of that..and post back

happy new year to you