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WHen Adding a Static Route using Routing/Static Routes option there is no inclusion for the openVPN interface as an option when creating the static route. In version 6 firmware the openvpn interface appears as an option when selecting the interface for a new static route but in version 7 this does not appear in the drop down option list. The openvpn tunnel is established and I can ping each end - the openvpn interface is present in the ifconfig output but I cannot find a way to set up a static route using the GUI menu. If I include the route in the VPN config it works OK, however I need to set up multipule static routes.

Earlier firmware version works fine - the version 7 firmware  is where this issue seems to be present - or my workflow is wrong for version 7 but I cannot see any reason for this.

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At the moment is not possible to add routes in your intended way. This functionality is planned to be included in the future, however, no target firmware is set yet, thus, routes have to be included in the OVPN configuration for now.

You could also try adding a routes via SSH with a following command:

  • ip route add <network_IP/mask> via <next_hop_IP> dev <OVPN_Interface>

You can filter you VPN interface name with the previously mentioned ifconfig command or using the one below:

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