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by anonymous
I have a helium miner connected to a rut240, one issue I had was that the ip of the sim card changed every 3 hours. As a work around I purchased a vpn subscription from OPVN which also gave me the option to purchase a static IPv4 address as a add on. Once the vpn config files are uploaded to the router all works great.

My question is does Teletonikas VPNhub allow for the same functionality as OVPN, that is can I obtain a static IPv4 address for the miner on the other end?

So far I have created the vpnhub and am about to install the config files, but I just thought I would ask first.

Thank you for any help/insight,


1 Answer

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by anonymous

What I assume you need is a static public IP, which would allow your LAN device to be reachable over the internet.

Unfortunately, RMS does not provide that. It is a platform with a purpose to monitor and manage Teltonika devices and devices within their LANs, specifically designed to provide access without the need of dedicated public IP addresses.

Best regards,
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