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by anonymous


I have a RUTXR1 at a customer site only in standby with a mobile data sim. No WAN or LAN is connected.

I updated to 7.03 with RMS and after this the daily mobile data usage increases from about 5 MB/day to 65 MB/day without any other changes (see chart).

How to find out what happens?

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by anonymous


I would like to ask if firmware update was performed with Keep settings option set to on? If that is the case, could you try resetting the device to factory defaults and checking if that changes anything.

The next option would be to enable traffic monitoring on mobile WAN interface. In the WebUI, navigate to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot page. Under Troubleshoot section set Enable TCP dump option to on. Select wwan0 interface, Save and apply settings. Leave the device for some time to capture packets.

Afterwards, download TCP dump file from the same page. You can analyze it with Wireshark or attach it by editing your question for us to take a look at it.

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