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by anonymous
Hello, attached you can find the topology I want to achieve. I want master to be able to wirelessly communicate with IO devices. How shall I configure Teltonika routers?


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by anonymous


I assume you simply want your devices to communicate within the same LAN network over WiFI.

In this case, I would suggest to check the following configuration example:

In this configuration, all devices would receive IP leases from the same DHCP, enabling them to communicate.

Keep in mind that you may need to download Relay configuration package from Services -> Package manager -> Packages section, and, if you are using 7.3 firmware, relaying DHCP is configured and enabled in Network -> Interfaces -> Relayd section.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thank you for a quick response. I managed to work it. However when I use another plc brand, same configuration won’t work. I know it’s not Teltonika’s problem but maybe you have an idea what might cause it? Different brands using different ports or?
by anonymous
Unfortunately, without some logs, error messages, packet captures or some other configuration details, it is difficult to specify what could be the cause of the issue.