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by anonymous

I was working with a faulty RUT240 that could not keep its configurations after reboot, after updating the firmware I noticed the new web interface when configuring the Teltonica. When can I expect this new interface on the newly bought RUT240 devices? We will have to re write our training, installation manuals and notice all our installation partners before this happens. (this is not their their cup of tea)

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by anonymous

The date is unknown as of yet. Usually, if everything goes well with the new firmware version, it is installed in the newly produced devices approximately 2-3 weeks after the firmware release. However, there is no guarantee that it will happen with the current latest version. It might be that the production will skip the 7.3 version and will install the upcoming 7.3.1 version later on (which should be out in 1-2 weeks from now). Hence, it should not take long. However, when will the newly bought devices will have the latest firmware also depends on how many stocked devices with previous versions your reseller still has in store.

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