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by anonymous

My RUTX11 will always disconnect from Mobile Internet. Modem is established connection for first time and the interface is going to "Disconnected" after a few seconds. Then the connection tries to connect, it recognizes APN, Band, etc but stays disconnected all the time.

I have tried also Manual APN but still the same

I've tried several different firmware versions (Upgrade and Downgrade) and two Data SIM-Cards from same provider (Vodafone GR)

Please advise

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Did mobile connection work before or is it the first time you are trying to connect?

Do you have any SIM cards from other operators to test?

Try to reset the device to factory defaults first. If it doesn't help, then could you please try upgrading the modem firmware. You can download modem updater via package manager (Services -> Package manager -> Packages -> Search for modem updater).

Kind Regards,

Best answer
by anonymous


Yes it is the first time that I'm trying to connect via SIM / Mobile Modem in order to have internet to a place that there is no wired installation.

I  activated WAN to connect to internet. I have made FW update from server to RUTX_R_00.07.03

I have then installed Modem Updater from (Services -> Package manager -> Packages ->)

Modem Updater - 0a29ac8c

There was no new Modem Firmware update

The System Status for modem is 

FW version

I have then tested sim card from another Provider (WIND GR), with Manual APN (

It seems that is working now...! 

Now tested previous sim card from Vodafone GR, but i discovered that the given APN was wrong..!

Not / BUT Vodafone APN = internet

That was the case...!

Thank you