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by anonymous

Hello, I am wondering whether the EU version (RUT240 *8****) of RUT240 works in the US with the 4G M2M network. I have 3 of those in the US with a fully operational wifi signal, but I'm unable to establish mobile connection. We are using a network carrier from a different country. Are there any differences that could potentially prevent the router from establishing a mobile network connection?

Any help is very much appreciated.

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by anonymous


Unfortunately, the RUT240 version you have mentioned does not support frequency bands in US.

Hence it is not able to establish mobile connection with the 4G M2M network.

Please refer to the below link for more details:

Another important aspect is certification, for instance, in order for a device in the US to connect to the Verizon network it must be certified by them. Our RUT240 for NA is certified, however, the EU version is not, and this is similar for other network carriers in the US:

Since the EU version is not certified by Verizon, they wouldn't allow it on their network, it would get blocked. (Of course, the bands are the first issue, but even if the bands would be supported it would require certification).

Best Regards,

Akash R

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