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I Just Upgraded My TRB141 From Firmware TRB1410_R_00.02.03.2 To TRB1_R_00.07.03.1 After Completion Device Not Accessible

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Please try to perform the following procedure with this TRB device:

1. Turn off/unplug TRB141
2. Press and hold reset button, at the same time plug the power cable and keep holding reset button for about 5 seconds (mobile signal LED's should start blinking)
3. Download "ADB software" and "rootfs.ubi" file from here:
4. Install ADB software
5. Place rootfs.ubi file in any easily accessible directory (e.g. in "C:\Test")
6. Open CMD ("Command Prompt" window) with administrator rights
7. Use cd command to navigate to the place where you saved the rootfs.ubi file (Example: cd C:\Test)
8. Then use this command: fastboot flash rootfs_a rootfs.ubi
9. When it completes, use this command: fastboot flash rootfs_b rootfs.ubi
10. When both commands are executed and finished running, unplug power from TRB and plug it again. It should boot up as normal
11. Install intermediate firmware version, which can be downloaded from here:
12. Install desired firmware version to TRB through WebUI. Latest firmware can be downloaded from here:

Best regards,

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Hello, i've done all the things that you written (the device is recognized as an Android ADB Interface on the device manager) the fastboot command have sent all perfectly but after unplug/ replug the power supply the leds of the signal keeps blinking and the device is not starting. Any idea please?


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UP guys, please i need it up and running again ASAP.

Many thanks,

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i have same issue with R_00.07.03.2

After firmware upgrade i can access gateway with def. ip but if i create a little configuration and save it, next connection is not able. I must factory reset by holding 5 sec reset button.

TRB1_R_00.07.02.7 works perfectly for now. Ad 1 for R_00.07.03.2) If I restore the entire gateway immediately after creating a backup, it still stops being accessible via USB (WebUI works)


Could you generate a troubleshoot file (System → Administration → Troubleshoot) and attach it by editing your question?

The file will provide more details about your device. 

Also, does the device become inaccessible after specific changes, or any configuration changes? Could you provide the steps to reproduce it?


I downgraded to version TRB1_R_00.07.02.7 (mass production) and my problems were solved. I use the device at a customer's place so I was looking for a quick solution. I own multiple TRB gateways and 2/2 had the same problem. Of course I was careful not to block the LAN or other services. The service list was the default. I only edited the Input/Output configuration.