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by anonymous

1. Status > Overview > Bytes Received and Bytes Sent show wrong information (just few KBs) and doesn't match information in Network > Interfaces > General TX/RX for both modems.

2. Status > Overview > Both modem card info show SIM1 and SIM1 but not SIM2.

3. Status > Network > Mobile shows hex but not decimal Cell IDs and need inconvenient manual converting for wider use. Previous firmware had decimal.


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by anonymous


1. Network > Interfaces > General shows total calculated mobile data consumption, same as Status -> Mobile usage -> Total section.

You can reset the counters with the following SSH command:

  • ubus call mdcollect clean_db '{"iface_name": "mob1s1a1"}'

Status > Overview > Bytes Received and Bytes Sent do seem to have a life of their own. Thank you for pointing this out. I will consult the developers about it.

2. Status > Overview > Both modems cards info show SIM1 and SIM1 due to internal naming logic. Modem interfaces in RUTX12 are called MOB1S1A1 and MOB2S1A1 in reference to S1 being the first SIM of modems 1 and 2. SIMs are denoted a s SIM1 and SIM2 in devices with a single modem, for example, RUTX11 in reference to being first and second SIMs of the first (single) modem.

3. Decimal cell ID representation should be returned with 7.4 firmware. 

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