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by anonymous

Hi all

A Meraki partner is querying how we have set up an RUT240 in passthrough mode. They state that pass through mode means that the router will simply act as a modem to present a 4G IP address on the LAN port to allow them to plug into the MX. They assert that in this scenario, the account details would need to be configured on the MX, so the Merraki will handle line authentication and communication with the ISP.

Does anyone have any views on this, as I understood that the RUT240 would provide authentication, and simply 'pass' the external IP address to the Meraki MX64?

Thanks all

1 Answer

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by anonymous

If by authentication you mean custom APN and PAP/CHAP authentication, it would seem that in, order for the RUT device to establish connectivity and receive IP, which it could pass, authentication would have to first be configured within the RUT240.

If that is not the case, could explain, what account details do you mean?

Best regards,
by anonymous
Thanks for your reply. I agree with you, and think that maybe they are confusing 'passthrough' mode whereby the APN. PAP/CHAP is configured within the RUT240, and in 'Bridge' it would be configured within the MX64 device.

I think I will place it in bridge mode, and then they will have to manage the authentication - Thanks again