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Hi There.

There seems to be a a few bugs in RUTX_R_00.07.03 within Mobile Utilities > Messages

  1. The Date Sort is by Alpha Numeric Order (e.g. Fri, Sun, Tues, Weds) and not Timeline - please see attached.
  2. Vodafone UK SMS' come through dozens of times identically, and keep reappearing even when deleted (in Modem Storage setup)
  3. Messages over X Character limit (300?) are split poorly, have <part missing> throughout, are hard to follow, and have ' replaced with ??? - can they be presented more naturally say in Unicode, and have Hover/Clickable to read full message? - see attached
Thanks for looking into this.

1 Answer

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1. Thank you for this observation. It is indeed incorrect. I have already informed RnD. It should be corrected with one of the future firmware releases.

2. Another support engineer has already forwarded your issue to the developers to look for possible causes. Have you tried the SIM with a smartphone, does it also receive old SMS? 

3. I have enabled live logging while sending a large message. It is being received by the router as several separate messages. And if received messages are being viewed, while message parts are being received, they are indeed shown with <part missing> notations, but, once all parts are received, and Messages page is refreshed, everything is displayed correctly as a single body. 

Best regards,

Hi there -

1. Thank you

2. When placing the SMS into an old iPhone and sending a messaging to that SIM, it immediately sends two old commands, "Switch" and "Switch", which were sent on 8th Jan. I suspect this will now correctly recognise these messages as sent. What else can I try to help with the investigation? After several hours, I have 4 or so "Status" messages come through to Router, which are 3 days old! It's all very odd.

3. I can confirm in a test to EE SIM that long messages are presenting correctly. I have reverted back to Modem storage and will monitor ongoing. Previously both EE and Voda were not correctly presenting longer messages. I will update