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by anonymous
Since 07.03.xx the word "MAIN" is missing in the Overview-Page, in the past it was attached to the Interface that is main-interface.

Please check.

Best regards, Rainer

2 Answers

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by anonymous

GREAT answer - that's MAIN - many thx :-)

ubus call interfaces_status | grep Main

Best answer
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by anonymous


The issue has already been forwarded to the development team. 

At the moment, you can check Network -> Interfaces section, where Main WAN is the highest online interface in the list. 

It can also be derived from the routing table from Status -> Routes -> General routes section as a route with Target and lowest metric.

SSH command:

  • ip route get

will also provide you main WAN interface name.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Now "MAIN" word is visible again in WebUI hence 07.04.
But your cmd below is not working to get MAIN/wan that is currently used (it just shows 1st IF with default-gateway, but I have 3 ones: eth1, wlan0, wwan0):

ip route get

I checked all here in community without any finding: HOW I can get the current MAIN/wan-interface ?

Many thx for your help,

by anonymous

Try another command: 

  • ubus call interfaces_status | grep Main

Best regards,