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by anonymous
Hi everyone,

I've big problem on RUTXR1.
When I create a vlan with ID 200 or more and assign it in untagged on lan3 for example and then I affect network interfaces to this vlan.
So when I plug my cable on the specific lan configured, nothing trafic on interface but it's ok with vlan id 10,11,12...

What's the problem please ?


1 Answer

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by anonymous


This is a known issue and it has already been reported to RnD.

The issue is that configuration of the VLANs has two options, vlan and vid. You can view them by logging to the router and executing the command:

  • cat /etc/config/network 

The issue is that vlan value can only be set as high as 128, however, currently, it is incorrectly parsed, given the same value as vid, exceeding the upper limit, as vid can be set within the range (0 - 4094), creating your issue.

The suggestion is to edit option vlan to a value under 128 via SSH, or revert to a working firmware until the version with the solution is released, which is currently in development. 

Apologies for the inconveniences,

Best regards,