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by anonymous


Since 7.3 if i look in Gsmctl commands - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

this command does not work anymore and i cannot find the correct one to get the information as below.

Could you help me out.

To obtain the IP address of a network interface, use -p or --ip options.

Usage syntax:

gsmctl -p, --ip <INTERFACE>

Where <INTERFACE> is the name of a network interface.

Example: obtaining the IP address of the mobile connection interface:

root@Teltonika:~# gsmctl -p wwan0

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by anonymous


Since 7.3 gsmctl does not provide such information. You can list all available options by simply executing gsmctl in the command line.

Below is the command you can try to use to obtain IP address currently assigned to the mobile interface:

  • ubus call gsm.modem0 get_pdp_addr_list | grep addr | cut -d '"' -f 4 

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thank you thats to bad.

the command u provide gives me the mac address
by anonymous

An example of acquiring LAN interface MAC address:

  • ubus call network.device status '{"name":"eth0"}' | grep macaddr | cut -d '"' -f 4 
by anonymous

No i mean

  • ubus call gsm.modem0 get_pdp_addr_list | grep addr | cut -d '"' -f 4
this one u provided but it does not call for ip address it calls for mac address
by anonymous

Which device are you using, as the command returns IP on RUTX, RUT9 and RUT2 with 7.3?

Also, what is the modem model in your device: Quectel or MeiG?

Could you simply try:

  • ubus call gsm.modem0 get_pdp_addr_list
by anonymous

Strange the first command works now.

Thanks alot.

I also figured some more info we needed that does not work anymore could you provide me with the commands for.

gsmctl: unrecognized option: revision

gsmctl: unrecognized option: sinr

gsmctl: unrecognized option: rsrp

gsmctl: unrecognized option: rsrq

gsmctl: unrecognized option: rscp

gsmctl: unrecognized option: ecio

These used to work before 7.3 and i want to try out the new firmware:)

by anonymous
We use this on rut x devices.
by anonymous

You can try: 

  • ubus call gsm.modem0 get_signal_query

which returns something like below:

        "net_mode_id": 21,
        "net_mode": "LTE",
        "rssi": -55,
        "rsrp": -87,
        "sinr": 2,
        "rsrq": -15

then grep and cut whatever is necessary for you.

Next, if by revision you mean firmware, execute the command below:

  • ubus call gsm.modem0 get_firmware