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by anonymous
Is it possible to run a firmware update via the usb stick after an power reset?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Thank you for reaching out!

I'd need some more clarification on when the update should be run.

Would you simply like to update the firmware from the USB stick? Or would you like for the device after the boot sequence to check whether there is USB storage attached, and if there is, check if a firmware file is present, and if it is, perform a firmware update?


Both of these would be possible using a custom script. The firmware update can be done using SSH by running a command sysupgrade.

Possible options for this command are:

sysupgrade [-q] [-i] [-c] [-u] [-o] [-k] <backup-command> <file>

More information can be found by running the command sysupgrade -h

USB storage should be mounted on sda1 if no other storage devices are present.

Custom scripts can be placed on the router by navigating to System → Custom Scripts.


Let me know if any more information is needed!

Best regards,