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by anonymous
I have a RUT955 and I want to use gsmctl commands to read SMS.

When I send:   gsmctl --sms --total

I receive that it only has a total of 20 available indexes.

So I sent 21 SMS to the device. It then showed 15 of 20 indexes used.

I then start reading and deletind SMS by index. First 16 worked (strange since it listed 15 above).

But the really worrying fact is that the remaining 5 SMS (nr 17 to 21) seems to be lost. This offcourse is not acceptable. I must be able to retrieve all SMS sent to the device.

Can someone explain to me how this is designed and how to make sure that all SMS can be retrieved?

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by anonymous


The 'gsmctl --sms --total' shows how many messages can be stored on your SIM card. According to the output of your command, your SIM card can store up to 20 SMS messages.

If you connect to your device via WebUI and navigate to Services -> Mobile Utilities -> Messages -> Storage tab, you will see that by default, the system tries to leave enough storage space for 5 messages. This means that some of the messages are deleted to ensure that the SIM card has enough space for at least 5 messages. You can reduce the number to 1, so that you would be able to store more messages. As an alternative, you can change the configuration on the same page to save messages to modem storage. If you set it to modem storage, you will be able to store way more messages than on your SIM card. If you make the change and refresh the page, you will see how many messages are currently in the modem storage and how many can be stored.

Kind Regards,


by anonymous

This does not explain why SMS are completely lost if the defined storage is full.
by anonymous

I'm sorry that this causes an issue for you. This is how it currently works. There is no way to expand the memory, so the best option would be to use modem storage as it offers the most space (255 messages).

Kind Regards,