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by anonymous


I have RUTX09 and using one data sim card.

When I set "auto apn" or set custom apn which is the same as the "auto" one, everything is working fine.

When I set other custom apn (I use custom apn for public static IP address), it connects to the provider on 3G, but data is disconnected.

Sometimes it's connects, buts it's very rare. I tried the sim card (using custom APN) in smartphone and also in other cheap 4G modem and everything worked fine.

I did all firmware and modem updates.

Now I have RUTX_R_00.07.03.1 and EG06ELAR04A08M4G.

I've attached also troubleshoot file. What can be the problem ?

Thank you.

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by anonymous



Thank you for reaching out!

Could you try resetting the router? Also, perhaps authentication is required for this APN? I can see that another APN from your provider uses username wap and password wap.

When the device connects to 3G, it's most likely connecting to any cell tower for emergency calls.

When the device does connect successfully, does it receive a static IP address?


Best regards,

by anonymous

I tried reset many times with no success.

Authentication is not required. As I said, sometimes it's working. Also in other 4g modem it works like a charm.

When it connects, it gets static IP address.

Last night I left it turned on, with 3G blinking and no data connection. In the morning it was connected and data worked.

I did restart I it worked. Then I turned off the router and turned on after approximately one hour and it's not working again. It's really strange.

Thank you.