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by anonymous
I noticed in comparing the stats between my current 950, and the X11 I have on its way, that the X range of routers don't appear to have Sim Idle Protection, whilst the 950 does. It seems like a strange feature to not be supported in newer models - does anyone know if the X11 supports Sim Idle Protection now?

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by anonymous


In order to configure the device to avoid disconnects from mobile network due to inactivity or lack of traffic, a workaround can be configured. In the WebUI, naviagte to Services -> Auto reboot -> Ping/Wget reboot. Add a new instance or edit the default one, enable it, set the end host address to ping and select action None. This way it will be ensured that the device regularly sends some internet traffic, which is equal to SIM idle protection.

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by anonymous
Thank you.

Is there also a feature to enable a regular sending of an SMS message, which some networks use as the signal to keep an account active.
by anonymous

This feature of scheduled SMS was not transferred from the legacy firmware. 

As a workaround, you could configure a crontab to regularly execute the following command, which sends SMS to a defined number:

  • gsmctl -S -s "0037000000000 Hello"

Replace content within quotation marks " " with the number you want to send SMS to and the content of the message.

For more details on crontab configuration within Teltonika devices, please refer to this link.

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by anonymous
Brilliant! That looks just the ticket!