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by anonymous

Hi there,

recently I have been looking into using openWRT with the RUT955 I have here. The corresponding openWRT Page ( mentions three different versions of the RUT955 which are identified by the number RUT955Jxxx (for Verizon), RUT955Kxxx (for AT&T and T-Mobile) and RUT955Vxxx (global version) which need different configurations apparently.

Now my RUT955 here has the identifier RUT9550xxx which is none of the three mentioned above. Can anyone tell me the difference between the global version (RUT955Vxxx) and my version (RUT9550xxx) and give a hint if this difference can/will lead to incompatibilities with an openWRT image?

I really don't want to risk bricking my device by using an image which is not properly configured for the system.

Thanks in advance,


by anonymous
Only relevant regarding modem usability, because of different frequencies in different usage regions.

I have done custom openwrt images for RUT955s, including various Quectel modems for Verizon, US, EU, same image works on all the different RUT955s.

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by anonymous


The three versions that are mentioned in the provided link refer to the modem modules in the devices, which differ in supported frequency bands and certifications to operate in mobile provider networks.

The device you have is intended for use in Europe, Middle east and Africa regions.

You can find similar information on other versions of RUT955 in this page under Ordering tab.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Hi and thank you for your quick answer.

Considering this, would this imply, that the worst thing which could happen would be the LTE modem not working properly after updating the device with openWRT? Or is it possible to completely mess it up while doing so?

Thanks again
by anonymous
The warning rather suggests to consider the geographical region, operator you intend to use the device with, but it is indeed only related to mobile features.