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by anonymous


I set the WiFi as client and connected it to my access point.

how can I send messages from my access point through the Wifi (client) to the Mobile connection?

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1 Answer

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by anonymous

Please provide a more detailed explanation and, if possible, a drawing, of your topology to better understand what your goal is.

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by anonymous

I've added a WiFi client to the RUT240.

the client is connected to my access point (which is not connected to ethernet).

I want to send\receive data using the WiFi connection from my access point to the mobile network.

And I also want to keep the LAN connection to the mobile (it worked when I enabled relay).

Thank you,

by anonymous
When in wireless client mode, it is RUT that is expecting to use WAN connection from the access point that it is associated with, not the other way around. Thus, it is your wireless access point, which should be client to the RUT240.