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by anonymous

Each time I reboot the router the Wi-Fi interface status is stopped.

Similar issue as

It works with the custom script from that thread:

/etc/init.d/network restart

to overcome the issue. restart takes a bit longer but solves the immediate issue.

hope that its going to be solved formally sooner than later. 

Troubleshoot files attached.

model: RUT240

FW: RUT2_R_00.07.03.2

by anonymous

Is this issue fixed in now?

From latest changelog:


RUT2_R_00.07.03.3 | 2023.01.25

  • Fix
    • Network
      • Fixed disabled WiFi interface after factory reset
by anonymous

Due to high spread of the issue, 7.03.3 was specifically released to provide a solution.

Best regards,

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by anonymous

This is a known issue.

RnD is working on a solution at the moment, but it is set to be included only in 7.4 firmware release.  

It applies only to firmwares 7.3 and above, thus, if it is disrupting your operations, please revert to 7.2.7 until official solution is released.

Best regards,
by anonymous
Hi and thanks!

How can I revert remotely without loosing all my config-date? Can settings be kept?

Best regards
by anonymous
Unfortunately, settings will not be kept, when going from newer to older firmware. The device has to be reconfigured again afterwards, thus, if the device is in production environment in a remote location, downgrade is not a viable solution.
by anonymous
Hi again! Thanks for the firmware update, testing right now.

What is your recommendation on how to update/upgrade remote routers, if it is not possible to reset the configuration?

The configuration has to be kept...or the connection will be lost.

Best regards
by anonymous
A general rule for device updates is to not update more than two iterations in between firmware versions. Gradual update with each new version would be best. However, if your remote infrastructure has some critical operations in motion, it can be suggested to not update immediately after a new firmware release, as some issues, such WiFi interface not starting after reboot might show up, but wait some time.

Best regards,
by anonymous


So, 7.02.7 to 7.03.3 would be ok?

Or which iteration do you mean?

Bes regards!

by anonymous
7.02.7 -> 7.03.1 -> 7.03.3