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by anonymous
Hi All

We hare having issues with out 955's that we have purchased

We set them all up and everything works fine.

When we relocate them to the vehicles we get a no internet access issue. Seems to happen on all of them

We have a phone right next to them on the same network and that has no internet connection issues

Have contacted the sim provider and they dont believe it is an issue with thek

only theory i have is its when they are plugged into 12v for some reason

Any ideas?


1 Answer

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by anonymous


12V is a reasonable supply voltage to power RUT955 and should not interfere with device's operation.

I would like you to attach a troubleshoot file to your question taken from one of the devices in a vehicle. Please, replicate the issue, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there. The logs in the file might provide more insight into the issue.

Attached files are private and visible only to Teltonika Moderators.

Best regards,

by anonymous
File has now been uploaded :)
by anonymous

The initial assumption for your issue would be poor mobile signal quality, specifically:

  • RSRP: -113 dBm (values below -100 for the modem used within the router seriously impact quality of data connection);
  • SINR: 4 dB (the closer to 0, the more likely the disconnect).

The router itself seems to be able to maintain stable data connectivity. Could you test a different device placement or, if possible, a different antenna?

Also, for testing, you can try updating one of your device's firmware versions. You can find later versions here. Update with Keep settings option set to off. This will clear your current configuration, but will avoid possible migration issues due to significant differences between versions.