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by anonymous

Hi I have question.


Currently I have 2 RUTX11 inside a closed Box mounted on the antenna pole with short cables to the antennas

Ambient temperature varies from 5-45celsius depending on the season. This pole is mounted on our container and we run a CAT6 cable from this box to a switch inside.


Is this a better setup than running a RUTXR1 inside with the switches in ambient 20-25c but have more Bulkhead connectors and longer cables to the antennas ? 


Is the RUTX11 and RUTXR1 the same performance wise ?

 We have also considered upgrading to RUTX50 but we rarely see 5g network. 

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Firstly, RUTX11 and RUTXR1 are almost similar to the performance wise as they both have same CAT6 Supportivity, CPU and Ethernet speed but they are not the same completely.

Secondly until the Antennas Meet the specific standard to support RUTX11 device and are capable to connect to the network, cable size does not matter. 

Coming to the Operating Temperature of RUTX11 it has a range of -40 °C to 75 °C. Hence 5-to-45-degree celsius does not concern the performance of the device.

Again, as I have mentioned about the Performance of both the devices, based on the application both of these devices can be used. Temperature also does not concern as the Operating temperature range is same as RUTX11. Again, until the Antennas Meet the specific standard to support RUTXR1 device and are capable to connect to the network, cable size does not matter. 

Note: RUXR1 might require more space in terms of length compared to the RUTX11.

RUTX50 is also a good option if you looking to upgrade as it also support 4G networks and in future can be used for 5G networks

Please refer to the link to know more:

Best regards,

Akash R

by anonymous
The 2 diffrent antennas im using are poynting LPDA-92 2 pcs in MIMO setup for long range and poynting omni-600 in MIMO setup for short range.

I have a available slot in a rack cabinet for RUTXR1 and is therefore considering using that. That option will include coax cable from RUTXR1 to bulkhead connector and out to antenna aprox 10m cable total. Will BNC be adaquite or is SMA superior here?

The RUTX11 setup is in a enclosed case with 2M antenna cables to a bulkhead in the enclosure.
by anonymous


RUTXR1 only has an option of SMA connector to get connected to the antennas and no option for the Bulkhead or the BNC connector.

Regarding the Antennas, please refer to the below link to know more about third party antennas specifications that our devices support.

Third-party Antennas - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

Thank you

Akash R