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by anonymous

I am trying to set up a Hotspot using a RUT955, but doesnt want to regulate the speed of either the WIFI or Mobile connection. In the QOS menues, it is apparently only possible to regulate speed on LAN and WAN interfaces.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how i regulate the speed on Wifi and Mobile networks?

I am currently running on the RUT9_R_00.07.02.7  firmware

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Please download SQM package from Services -> Package manager -> Packages section.

Then navigate to Services -> Traffic shaping -> SQM page, which does include WiFi interface under a wlan0(interface_SSID) name and mobile under wwan0 (mob1s1a1_4) and allow to impose downlink/uplink limits for preferred interfaces. 

Best regards,

Best answer
by anonymous
Tried to use this on the wlan0 also, but it looks like it only limit the download speed on this "interface".
The wwan0 worked both ways.

Anyway - thank you for guiding me to the SQM pacage!

Best regards!