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We have data sending ok to Azure IoT on our TRB145 but have 2 issues:

Its not sending "_eventcreationtime" in the header/topic of the MQTT data so Azure doesn't see the telemetry as an event and won't trigger alerts, etc. We get...


    "AMB": "4233",

    "_eventtype": "Telemetry",

    "_timestamp": "2023-01-24T01:54:58.018Z"


But the data needs to look like this...


    "_eventcreationtime": "2023-01-24T01:52:22.037Z",

    "AMB": 36,

    "_eventtype": "Telemetry",

    "_timestamp": "2023-01-24T01:52:22.132Z"


It looks like we need to set the topic header to include iothub-creation-time-utc from what I can see...

e.g. XXXXXX/messages/events/$.ct=application%2Fjson&$.ce=utf-8&iothub-creation-time-utc=2022-02-07T09:29:05.681Z

but adjusting the header isn't available in the Azure MQTT protocol like it is in the HTTP(S) protocol.

Also, its currently sending each MODBUS request as in individual data point, even if we tell it to send more registers at once - so we want...


  "_eventcreationtime": "2023-01-24T01:55:00.689Z",

    "SL": 61,

    "DL": 41,

    "DEI": 38,

    "HPT": 43,

    "LPT": 61,

    "IC": 38,

    "read102": 49.323710541470156,

    "_eventtype": "Telemetry",

  "_timestamp": "2023-01-24T01:55:00.792Z"


I've seen some articles that talk about setting the data to server register setting to the number of registers we want but that doesn't change, and others that say it can't be done.

I'm not sure that the MODBUS package is actually reading multiple registers into an array correctly so that may be where this issue starts?



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by anonymous
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