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by anonymous

I have a Python script which I will install on my RUTX50. Is that possible and how do I do it?

Thanks for helping!

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Executing python scripts quite simple.

First you need to download and install python package with its dependencies. It can be achieved over SSH with the following commands:

  • pokg update
  • opkg install python3-light

Then simply upload/generate a script file and execute it with python command.

The question is rather, how/when do you want your script to be executed? Is it with each device boot, for which case you could place it in /etc/rc.local file, or with certain periodicity, which can be achieved using crontabs (more details here)? 

Best regards,

Best answer
by anonymous
Thank you for your answer. I will try it out soon and tell how it worked. I already installed the python package on my RUTX50.

Is there a hint how to connect over SSH?

Best regards
by anonymous

Please check the link below. It provides instructions for several approaches.

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