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by anonymous

I have custom modbus running on an RTU955  pushing data into the stock

/tmp/regfile and reading it from  register 1025, 7, 9...

I got it working under FW RUT9_R_00.07.02.4

and just now updated to FW 07.03.2

Everything is working great - on that ONE RUT955

We just setup a batch in production mode and I'm propagating the scripts/config etc.

The first sign of goofiness was upon enabling the custom modbus I got an error message:
The selected register file is already in use.

That is a rather specious error message given that the file is inherently multi-access.

OK, so I pander to the dysfunction and delete the register file and then I am able to config the Custom modbus TCP Slave

HOWEVER that /tmp/regfile is now permanently zero-length

The CustomModbus is sitting on it choking the life out of it.

So, there appears to be subtle bugs in the current firmware which break the CUSTOM MODBUS functionality

on fresh installs but somehow properly migrate configurations installed/configurated under the previous firmware.

I will plough through the gross ugliness of downgrading one machine back to 07.02.4

and doing the install there to see if it works

What a PITA!!
Any fancy surgery possible to unbreak this ?

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by anonymous



Could you clarify if this is the menu you're receiving the "The selected register file is already in use." error message?

I presume the update from RUT9_R_00.07.02.4 was done without keeping settings?

Perhaps there is anything else configured on the router in question?


Best regards,