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I have a device connected to RUT240 WiFi.

Through this device I'm sending ping to my router and it works fine (it goes through the mobile interface).

Using the IP received (with Wireshark), I'm sending back ping command and it doesn't work.

  1.  What can I do to make it active?
  2. How can I reach my device from external host through the mobile connection?

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Please provide a picture of your topology to better understand your first question.

How can I reach my device from external host through the mobile connection?

If your goal is to reach a device in RUT240 LAN network from a remote connection, there are several possible options. They are described in this thread:

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Thank you for your quick answer, but still it doesn't help.

Please see my configuration below:

My device is connected through Wi-Fi to the RUT240. 

I'm sending ping from my device to a specific destination IP address and it works.smiley

When I send back ping command to the RUT240 (I have the address of RUT240 from Wireshark) I don't get any answer.

I next phase I want to make a connection from my PC through the mobile public ip and to my device.

  1. What can I do to fix that? the port forwarding didn't work.
  2. Is there a way to get the RUT240 public IP address (for the mobile connection) without me monitoring it with wireshark?
Thank you,

What IP address is shown next to [mob1s1a1] interface in Network -> Interfaces page?



The IP I'm getting from Wireshark is:

You are under a layer of carrier NAT, which means that you cannot be pinged from remote sites.

You need to contact you ISP to discuss possibility of getting a public IP, but it is not always possible due to limited amount of addresses in certain areas. In some cases, using a specific APN be an option to get a public IP, but that depends on your mobile provider.