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by anonymous
Is there a way to switch the wireless interface off (acting as access point) when the RUTX11 connects as a wireless client?

I'm sure there used to be a way eg if wlan0 up, then wlan1 down or something similar.

What we are after is that when the vehicle is in the premises, it doesn't advertise our company SSID as the building AP's do this. When the vehicle is not on our premises, it switches to 4G and starts a wireless AP that does advertise our company SSID. So our various wireless clients connect to our building AP's and not the vehicle AP unless the vehicle is off the premises.
by anonymous

I asked this long time ago with the RUT955 Can-this-be-achieved-with-rut-955? 

There might be a better of doing it now?

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by anonymous

Other than some custom script, no specific solution for such a case is possible from the WebUI side.

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