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by anonymous
Hi guys,

I have 10 RUT955 and 4 RUTX12 deployed in a customer, they use L2TP/IPSEC with preshared key VPN, and they were working marvelous, but today we had a problem with a computer under a RUTX12 internet connection, the device was working as intended, but every time we connected to VPN it would kill TeamViewer connections, and internet altogether in the computer, but every other device was working fine as long as they were out of the VPN.

We then built a lab in our office, and replicate the issue, and it was killing almost every connection after the VPN was enabled, some pings would reply, but web browsing was extremely slow. Anydesk and TeamViewer wouldn't connect, no matter what we did. this RUTX12 had 2 SIMS in load balancing mode, we turned off the load balancing feature, and even disabled one SIM, still the same problem happened. We then fired up a RUT955 and voila it was working perfectly fine, web browsing, TeamViewer, and Anydesk were functioning properly when working with the VPN.

We updated the RUTX12 Firmware, forced factory defaults on the device, and still haven't been able to make it work... It is very strange since I have 3 RUTX12 devices working now, with no problems so far.

has anyone experienced this before? what can be done to make the RUTX12 work properly, as the RUT955 when using a VPN connection?

Will a firmware downgrade help? is it even possible?

If you need pictures or the dump file let me know please, we're about to lose the client over this device.

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by anonymous


Could you replicate your scenario with both, not working RUTX12 and working RUT955 and generate troubleshoot files from both devices? Comparing them might help to find the issue. 

To generate files, access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there. 

Attach them by editing your question.

Best regards,