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by anonymous
Hi, We have 22x RUT955 devices which are we are trying to set up with the RMS system to gain access to PLCs via VPN.

We can get it connected manually, by going through the router and clicking connect (to rms) but on restart they do not connect and just say connecting.

I have tried upgrading firmware, which seems to help connect, but then the devices won't boot with an SD card installed. The SD card is required to expand the memory as we are using python on the router to send custom SMS and email messages. Firmware 7.02.7 is the firmware we have installed which gets as close to doing what we want, but won't autoconnect.

The one thing we can do at the moment is send the device an SMS which will then connect.

Is there a way to force the device to connect automatically? Otherwise, is there a command we can run to connect, like what happens when you click connect or it receives that SMS?

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by anonymous



Thank you for reaching out!

Could you please navigate to Services → Cloud Solutions → RMS and make sure that the Connection type field is set to Enabled and not Standby or Disabled?

If this does not help, perhaps you could try installing RUT9_R_00.07.03.3 using the bootloader method and see if that helps. This firmware release fixed some issues on RUT9 series of devices.

If installing firmware via the bootloader does not help either, I'll ask you to generate a troubleshoot file. This can be done by navigating to System → Administration → Troubleshoot. This file can be attached to the original post and will only be visible to Teltonika moderators.


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