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there are 58 packages for additional software at 'WebUI->Services->Package Manager' of my RUT240 but i can't find nearly no information or explanation for the individual packages. I searched the wiki, the forum and a PDF-manual, but i only found a hint at the website for the old/legacy firmware packages in the 'See also' section - and there are only 4 of 58 packages with a link to an explanation website.
That's really disappointing and frustrating not to know what the packages are used for and how configure. For example:
In the packages list there is a 'Wifi Scanner' module with the hint 'Wireless devices beacon and probe packet analyzer'. After i installed it i only found a menu item 'Wifi Scanner' at 'Network->Wireless->GLOBAL 2.4GHZ SETTINGS' where i can enable it and set an 'interval'. (At 'Status->Services' there is no page that would link to 'Wifi-Scanner' settings etc.). So what is the Wifi Scanner for, what can i do with it, what is scanned and why and how may this be useful for me. Also there are some packages where the hint/tip shows me 'meta package' (i.e. SNMP meta package) - what is a meta package and whats the difference to the other non-metapackages?

Can you please make a specific/detailed website like the ones for 'Azure IoThub, Cumulocity, ThingWorx, ZeroTier' for all the packages with an explanation for using and configuration of it (with images for better understanding and/or coding examples)??

i installed the german language package and switched the language. There are a lot of reaally bad translations like 'Rauf' for 'Up', 'Runter' for 'Down', 'Kunden' for *Clients' etc. that nobody would use in German and whose meaning is completely different than in English. Do you have a translation file in which I can correct the incorrectly translated terms and replace them with the appropriate German words?

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by anonymous

There are many packages available for download and many of those packages do not have much information about them. However, there should be more examples on our wiki page in the future. Also, since RutOS is based on OpenWRT, you should be able to find a lot of useful information regarding some of the packages by looking for OpenWRT information.

Is it something specific that you are trying to achieve?

Regarding the German Language package, thank you for your feedback. It will be considered.

Kind Regards,