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by anonymous
Hello, everyone,

is there a way to prevent access to the web interface in a VLAN on the RUTX09 for a GuestLAN? (Not WLAN!!)

VLAN is working, but with access to the web interface.

Best regards Jörg

1 Answer

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by anonymous


One method is that change the port number of the https/http so that the person who is knowing the port number itself can access the WEB UI:

Second Method is that even if they have the access to the WEB UI you can create multiple users:

Another option, if you have not done it already, would be to create a separate firewall zone for your VLAN in Network -> Firewall -> General settings and create a traffic rule, rejecting access from that VLAN zone to the device ports. You can follow instructions, starting from Firewall rules section, provided here:

Additionally, you may need to edit LAN zone settings to remove your VLAN network from Covered networks option. 

Best regards,

Akash R

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