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by anonymous

As per title.
Sim card is activated to 5g.
SIM works and connects well in other 5G devices.
TRB500 connects fine with 4G LTE but when set to use 5G only, there is no connection at all.
Based in Australia using Telstra

Using TRB5_R_00.07.03.2

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by anonymous



Thank you for reaching out!

It seems like at least for now, Telstra is using a 5G NSA network, which works by first connecting the device to an LTE cell, and then transferring to 5G. This means, that setting the device to 5G-only will not work, and it needs to be left either on Auto, or 4G + 5G.

Make sure there is a good connection and a 5G cell not too far.

If these steps don't help, I'd like you to navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot and generate a Troubleshoot file. It can be attached to your original post and will only be visible to Teltonika moderators. This will give me some more insights into the issue you're facing.


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