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by anonymous
I would like to block all traffic except some dns.
the webfilter allows to autauriser the dns but lets pass the ip traffic.
would you have a solution? 

2 Answers

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by anonymous



The best way to achieve your solution would be by using a Traffic Rule. The rules can be configured by navigating to Network → Firewall → Traffic Rules.

The first rule will be used to allow the wanted traffic to pass through:

  • Select Open ports on the router;
  • Create any name;
  • For protocol, select Other;
  • For port, enter 0 (it will be disregarded since the protocol is selected as any);
  • Press Add;
  • When the advanced configuration window opens up, make sure that the Source zone is set to lan;
  • Destination address is the IP address of the traffic you'd like to allow through (multiple addresses can be added);
  • Destination zone needs to be set to wan;
  • Make sure that the Action is Accept;
  • Press Save & Apply;
Now a rule blocking everything else is needed. I won't rewrite all of the steps, but what will be different is:
  • Source IP address: left empty;
  • Source zone: lan;
  • Destination zone: wan;
  • Action: Drop or Reject (Reject will notify the user that the requests were blocked, while Drop will drop them silently);
And that should be it! 
The router may need to be restarted in order for the changes to take effect.
Best regards,
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by anonymous


thank you for your answer but I would like to dynamically authorize the ips corresponding to the dns.
example: I would like to authorize *
Thank you for your help.