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by anonymous

Hi, I have RUT240 modem which is connected to Siemens LOGO!. I have a strange issue. (Same issue with Siemens 1200)

IP of RUT240 is set to

IP of LOGO! is

Subnet of LOGO!

Gateway of LOGO!:

I am trying to forward port 502 (MODBUS) of server on to public, but unsucessfuly - port is closed. 

I enabled DMZ configuration for this IP, but nothing changes.

Also, why I cant see device LOGO! ( on "Lan information" menu - there is only IP of PC ? 

1 Answer

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by anonymous


I hope you trying to access the end Device (PLC) that is connected to RUT240.

Please refer to the link to know how to port forward the Device using the Public IP:

And regarding the LAN IP lease I hope that you have connected the PLC to the PC but not to the RUT240. Hence it is able to ping fromm the PC but not showing in the RUT240.

Best Regards,

Akash R