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My RUT240 has excellent LTE connectivity, but still the CLI - Function (SSH Terminal built into the Page) is not working (box stays empty -> no prompt shows up... however my GUI is working :/

Is there an other option to connect to the RUT240's or a device in it's LAN ? (connecting with putty over RMS to my device??)

greez, Norbert

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hey, Norbert.

I think what you are describing is an SSH connection to your device. You can connect using this short guide:

Open a new Terminal window, type ssh root@ and press "Enter". If this is your first time logging in, you might be asked to clarify whether you really want to login. In that case, just type yes and press "Enter". Then type in the router's admin password and press "Enter" to finish the login process.

Read the full directions here:

Thanks for the answer Rytis!

i can't type into the terminal window.. this works fine, if i am connected via LAN, but not over RMS..
by anonymous

Ok. Thanks for the clarification. CLI should be working just fine. Just tried connection via RMS. You could try:

  1. Ctrl + F5 to clear the cache. Or do a full clash cleaning.
  2. Disable all the adblockers. If you are using Brave browser disable shields.
  3. Try Another browser.